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Survey Manager

Your surveys are stored in the Survey Manager. This gives you a list of your current and past surveys. To help you run your surveys you can generate instructions for each student with a unique ID number. Your survey can then be set to "running" or "on hold" to control access. Whilst running you can check on the progress by getting a list of IDs and their current survey page. Once finished your results can be viewed from here or downloaded in CSV format for input into a spreadsheet or your own database.

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Test School Surveys

survey compass
Date Name State Used/All IDs Options
2006-02-17 Health Survey 2006 Running 0/100 Edit   View   Test    Results   Data   Delete
2004-02-17 Health Survey 2004 Finished 0/100 Edit   View   Test    Results   Data   Delete
Active Option Inactive Option
Survey Survey Template