SCHOOL SURVEYS from SHEU the schools and students health education unit


School Surveys provides all the tools and information you need in order to design and run surveys in your school. You can design your own surveys from scratch or start from a survey design template. Surveys have historically been used a lot in PSHE and it will save a lot of time and effort to start from something that we know works well and has some baseline data. Survey templates are available for pupils in Primary Education to those in Higher Education.

Designing surveys to include your own questions is quite easy. Although it is not always as easy as you think to produce well worded questions. School Surveys provided the editing facilities to create, update, move and delete your questions within your survey template. Questions can contain graphics to keep peoples attention.

To make the most of your survey results School Surveys provides a number of facilities for reporting the results and checking on survey completion. You can also download your survey data to your PC to input into your own database or spreadsheet.


Schools can register and use the Fit to Succeed survey. This is a useful tool for PSHE and provides useful feedback from pupils on health issues. This may be of particular interest to sports colleges. It has also been successfully used in primary, secondary and special schools.

Premium Accounts

Schools with premium accounts have the full survey design facilities with predefined surveys for use with minimum effort. The cost is £400 for a one year license which allows unlimited surveys and designs for your own school. Please send an e-mail to for your order form.