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Survey Design

Survey design supports a number of different question types such as Text and Check Lists. You can organise your questions into pages and include graphics (its best not to include too many though!). You can choose a number of options such as whether to number questions, special requirements for reporting results etc. You can also control the final destination of your survey pages so students will automatically go to the web site of your choice when they have completed the questionnaire.

The following shows the edit layout of an example question.

2. How did you travel to school today? Was it by...


 School bus
 Other bus
sick car overheated
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Question options are different for each question type. They may seem a bit complex at first but most questions will only require you to input the question text and a list of possible answers. The options for the question above is as follows:

List question (multiple answers allowed)

Question Text

Instruction Text

Text Value
Field Sub-question



Report Text e.g. Two or three  Values e.g. 2.3

Clicking on Question Bank enables you to search for questions that are made available from a database. This should help you find questions that have already been thought through and tested.


question search


Hint: If you are looking for questions on a particular subject use a word or expression which is likely to be included e.g. breakfast or computer games. Text from both the questions and the answers form the basis of the search.